Helping Botswana grow

from the inside out.

Traditionally tour operators have booked Botswana through a South African based Destination Management Company at a great cost to Botswana Tourism. Safari Destinations is proud to be driving the trend to book locally in line with responsible tourism practices, making a positive contribution to our country and the people of Botswana.

We have established an in-house training program, starting from grass-roots level. Our mentor system is supplemented by regular site inspections, weekly training sessions and sponsored formal learning. Safari Destinations has been a great leveller for all of us - each of us has been a pupil and a teacher. We take great pride in nurturing each other personally and professionally.

We help our local tourism community to see the value in sustaining our natural resources, creating awareness and appreciation of our own country.

Building a Future:

Mothusi began as a data capturer – the only man in an office of women! He admits to being completely out of his depth in the beginning “tourism was a new world for me and I had lots to learn – about my country and this thing called ‘safari’. By asking lots of questions and listening hard to the answers I have worked my way to becoming Assistant to the GM. Every day I learn more about managing an international business. I celebrate each promotion with my daughter at Wimpy – we talk about these things and in this way she becomes aware of what is required, over and above school work, to succeed in life”. (Mothusi).

Building a future

Flown the Nest:

When Thsego joined us she had been a receptionist in a tiny hotel in the middle of nowhere and that’s where she was going – fast! We are proud to say that we spotted her hidden sparkle, she quickly joined our team and for two years she flourished; sucking up skills and confidence like a sponge. Her development here was so striking that the Botswana Government has sponsored her to do an honors degree in Business. We’re so proud of her. You go girl…but come home soon!

Flown the nest

Coming Home:

Tumi’s story is one of personal development. She loved working in the bush but it meant spending months at a time away from her young family. There are very few good job opportunities in town for women - Tumi was trapped and desperate. We spotted her potential and offered her a place on the team. She hasn’t looked back and neither have her children.

Coming home