Travel for impact supports

people, not just things

Because we live here with our families, investment in long term sustainable change is very important to us. We want this to be a better place for everyone. Engaging with individual NGO’s proved to be extremely time consuming and we were not convinced our money was working as hard as it could.

Thankfully in 2014, an organisation named Travel for Impact (TFI) came to our attention.

TFI works in the Community, assessing NGO’s for relevance and fiscal responsibility. NGO’s that are well governed and have a proven record of providing sustainable and tangible assistance to the community are brought into the TFI portfolio.

TFI supports people, not just things. They make sure organizations have staff as well as equipment. Good organizations are run by good people and Travel for Impact focuses primarily on supporting people. Donations pay the salaries of the woman teaching orphaned kids and the counsellor who helps a battered woman get back on her feet. It’s not glamorous but it’s what is needed.

A partnership with TFI made sense for Safari Destinations as we can concentrate on what we do best (organising the most awesome trips in the world) whilst raising funds for TFI to distribute to organisations that desperately need it.

Having said that, we can never entirely let go so Safari Destinations have a seat on the TFI board as well as fielding our own committee that meet independently with NGO’s to review their needs.

Together we are making a real difference.

If you'd like to find out more about the important work Travel For Impact is carrying out in Botswana then please visit their website