Driving change

for the better in Maun

We are seriously over excited about our latest project. It’s simple, it’s beautiful, it’s already up and running, and it’s changing lives for the better. It’s a bus!

But this is no ordinary bus. It’s a magic bus: One moment it’s a school bus that helps orphaned children back into education and a future; next it’s a hospital shuttle driving the destitute and desperate to doctors’ appointments; then, hey presto, it’s a party bus bringing companionship to vulnerable and isolated old people. It brings food to the hungry, clean water to those with no sanitation, companionship to those forgotten by society. It’s the car equivalent of a helping hand.

We canvassed the organisations we support in Maun and again and again we heard the same thing...we need money for transport, we need a car but we can’t afford to run one, we need to get our councillors and carers and children moved from A to B but.....so the idea of the community bus was born.

Safari Destinations raised and donated the funds to buy the bus and we have committed to maintain it so the burden of repairs doesn’t eat away funds better spent helping people to eat.

Charities and NGOs in Maun create a wish list of the services they need and the bus schedule is managed so that everyone gets to where they need to go and everyone gets the helping hand that they so sorely need.

The Safari Destinations Community Bus project is endorsed by Travel for Impact

The Years Pass By
The Years Pass By, a film by Stuart Arnold