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Tuesday 28 October 2014

Botswana – No Ebola & No Financial Risk for Hesitant Travellers

Here at Safari Destinations, we’ve been working with our suppliers to guarantee financially risk-free bookings for Botswana (with Zambia & Zimbabwe to follow) while Ebola remains in the headlines.

While we’re confident Ebola will not reach Botswana, we understand travellers need extra reassurance. Together with the suppliers listed below, we’re allowing cancellation FREE OF CHARGE should WHO (World Health Organisation) declare an outbreak in Botswana* – and we’re confident you’ll never need to take us up on the offer.

Despite the facts, we understand travellers are hesitant to book while travel insurance may not cover the full costs of cancellation due to an Ebola outbreak. We hope this offer provides the confidence to confirm travel at no financial risk, in the unlikely event that Ebola becomes a risk locally.

Geographically, Botswana is thousands of kilometres from affected countries. There are eleven different land borders with their own customs and border controls between Botswana and Liberia, Guinea & Sierra Leone (and travel would take weeks). There are also no direct flights to Botswana, as well as a travel ban on arrivals travelling from countries with an Ebola outbreak.

Click to Enlarge – Distance of Ebola Outbreak to Rest of World

The WHO has declared Ebola outbreaks in Senegal and Nigeria over, and travellers arriving in Botswana by air from West Africa will need to transit in another country (ie. South Africa) where they would be subject to screening prior to boarding for Botswana. We’re confident that geography, together with restrictions on travellers by air, make it highly implausible for Ebola to affect Botswana.

We’re currently finalising the list of suppliers in Zambia & Zimbabwe who are also on board with this initiative. Suppliers in the list below who have camps in Zimbabwe and/or Zambia also, are extending the offer to include these countries of operation.

Suppliers offering cancellation free of charge:

• &Beyond
• Africa Albida
• African Anthology
• African Bush Camps
• Belmond
• Bush Ways Safaris & Lodges
• Desert & Delta
• Footsteps in Africa
• Great Plains
• Ker & Downey
• Kwando
• Machaba Camp
• Meno a Kwena
• Safari & Guide Services
• Sanctuary Retreats
• Uncharted Africa
• Under One Botswana Sky
• Wilderness Safaris

We’re confident that the list of participating suppliers will get longer and we’ll update you as more people get on board. We’re also starting to work on similar initiatives for Zambia & Zimbabwe.

Fullscreen capture 28102014 104442

Click to Enlarge – Distance of Affected Countries to Southern Africa

This offer does not negate the need for travel insurance and all travellers would be expected to submit claims to their insurance company in the first instance, should a claim be necessary. We would always advise that travellers choose the most comprehensive travel insurance policy possible, regardless of any perceived risk to travel plans.

For further reading, check out this article from the Washington Post, putting Ebola in perspective against the vast geographical size of Africa 


*Terms & conditions apply. Please contact us for the specifics. Only the listed suppliers are currently offering cancellation free of charge, however as the list is updated, we will upload any amendments to our Agent’s Corner.

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